Living in a Hopeful State

I was talking with a friend this morning who recently returned from a trip to South Carolina and Georgia. The woman who hosted her in Georgia commented to my friend that people from Minnesota say “yet” a lot. Personally I’ve never noticed this but it makes perfect sense to me. I explained to my friend that the reason we say “yet” a lot is because we are a hopeful people.

Let me show you some examples of our hope. “I’m not skinny, YET.” “I haven’t been to Hawaii, YET.” “I haven’t eaten at that ‘$50 a plate’ restaurant, YET.” You see, hopeful! This kind of talk encourages us to get up every day because you just never know what’s around the next corner.

I say embrace it! Today, I’m going to embrace the word YET in a way every Minnesotan can relate to – “Spring has not come, YET.” It will though – there are rays of hope. Maybe next week, just not yet.

One comment on “Living in a Hopeful State

  1. Kammi

    Great post Nancy.
    I'm inspired and will give this hopeful speak a try today. I haven't done it…yet…but I will! ;0)

    And to share a hopeful statement of my own…I haven't been to Australia, yet.

    Bless your day!

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