Time Flies!

Well, it seems that time flew by again these last two weeks. Oh well, I try my best. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s been happening.

Feb. 26 – Rachel and I are both deacons at our church and had a meeting Saturday morning. Well, you can’t let a perfectly good opportunity for a post-meeting lunch go to waste so we planned for a little time together at Old Chicago. We had a great time except for the part where I slipped on the wet floor (caused by my wet shoes) and landed my arm into the corner of the greeter’s desk. Hopefully, the bruise will heal before spring.

Feb. 27 – I first met Jackie when she came to a small group I was leading a couple of summers ago. Every time I’m with Jackie, she makes me laugh.

Feb. 28 – I titled this picture “Desperately Seeking Spring” because well, because I am SO ready for winter to come to an end. The branches you see here are from the crab apple tree in our front yard. I think those little prickly looking things sticking out are new in the past few weeks. Is it a sign of spring? I sure hope so!

March 1 – I love sunsets. I’m sure you’ll see more this year in my “365 project” photos. This particular sunset picture was taken at Lake Byllesby which isn’t technically IN our small town but it’s right outside the city limits. I must have taken over 50 pictures while I watched the sun set Tuesday night. The sky was a never-ending array of beauty for at least 30 minutes! I don’t often take the opportunity to watch the sunset. I should.

March 2 – On Wednesday I had to run up to the MN Assemblies of God district office in Minneapolis. This is the home of MN Bridging the Gap women’s ministry. Kelsey is the administrative assistant for Bridging the Gap and I talked her into being my “subject” for the day. She wouldn’t do it without me and in all truth, she took the picture because I still haven’t mastered the whole “holding my arms out and pointing the camera at myself” technique.

March 3 – I was a bit desperate for a subject to the day. It’s been so long ago now, but I’m pretty certain I spent the day writing which means, I don’t get out or see anyone. So, I grabbed my little winter birds from the coffee table, went outside and took a picture of them in the snow. John thinks it’s my best picture so far this year! I’m a little concerned about that.

March 4 – Friday afternoon I had to run out to my favorite spot to buy meat, Ferndale Market. My friend, Dawn, works there and I persuaded her to let me take her picture. Dawn always has such a sweet spirit.

March 5 – Saturday we celebrated John’s birthday with Paul, Erin and Amelia. It was Amelia’s first visit to Nana and Boppa’s. She is just starting to smile and coo. We had so much fun!

March 6 – My friend, Nancy, and I are leading a Lifegroup for young girls at our church. These girls are simply amazing and it’s so fun to see all that God is doing in their lives. I love spending time with them!
March 7 – I first met my friend, Marcy, many years ago when I was trying on shoes at Nordstrom. I have challenging feet, shall we say, and Marcy always knows what will work best for me. She’s amazing. I’ve bought shoes from her for so long that we are now friends and it’s always fun to see her.
March 8 – Tuesday I flew out to Idaho to visit my friends, Diane and Greg. As you can see, they are very much in love after 29 years of marriage. It is always fun to see them.

March 9 – Diane and Greg have three sons and one daughter. I didn’t get to see their daughter but was so excited to see the boys. Aaron had us over to his house for dinner on Wednesday night. He is a great cook! He also taught me a little trick for diffusing the flash a bit when taking indoor pictures. In this one we used a translucent cover from a bar of soap. While there is still some “flash shadow” this technique was a huge help.

March 10 – Paul is the oldest of the three boys. He is the same age as our middle son, Adam. I still remember coming outside one day to find he and Adam having a contest to see whose pee could shoot the furthest across the yard. Fortunately, neither of them do that anymore; I don’t think. I used Aaron’s flash diffuser trick in this photo but instead of a translucent cover for soap I used a Kleenex that I doubled. Easy and generally accessible.

March 11 – Philip is the “baby” of the family, though as you can see, he’s not even close to a baby anymore. He’s a great young man with an infectious laugh and when you get the three of them together, it’s hysterical.

I’ll try to get this week’s pictures up in a more timely manner. One of them just screams Spring and I look at it on a regular basis just to remind myself that Spring is, indeed, making it’s way to my little corner of the world.

The days go by so quickly. With that in mind; make some memories, take some pictures, spend time with the ones you love.