Catching Up

With all the excitement of adding a new family member I didn’t get my “365 project” post done in a very timely manner, but well, I don’t care. Grandbabies are WAY more exciting than 365 projects, even though said projects include some grand baby pictures. Anyway, here’s what’s been going on.

March 26 – John and I took a Saturday drive to see what we could find. The rivers in the area were swollen from all the snow melt and rain and had produced some interesting sights as a result. This “ice seat” was found in a field – not a river – where the water had apparently been quite a bit higher than it was when we found it. Crazy out the ice froze and stuck to the side of the tree like that. And, this wasn’t the only “seat” we saw!

March 27 – Every year the Como Conservatory in St. Paul has a magnificent spring flower display. Being as this winter was particularly challenging it drew quite a few visitors. Going on a Sunday probably wasn’t our (o.k., my) brightest idea because the crowd was immense but I think everyone was so excited to breath in some spring that they were on their best behavior. In other words: no one annoyed the daylights out of me. I had too many good pictures to choose just one so I made a collage.

March 28 – As it so happens, Trader Joe’s is right on the way home from the Conservatory so I wasn’t about to drive by without making a quick stop. And, well, Trader Joe’s always has some great flowers at some pretty decent prices so I was forced really, to pick up some red and white tulips. And, since they were sitting there still on Monday looking so pretty they became the “photo of the day.”

March 29 – Tuesday night our local Rotary Exchange student shared about her country (Sweden) at a special evening function. Generally, Rotary Club meets at 6:45 in the morning which always leaves me wondering how they get any members. But, apparently some people like that time of day. God bless them. But, I digress (so unusual for me.) My friend, Karen, was one of the host moms for the Rotary student this year so, of course, was at this Rotary event. I’ve been wanting to take her picture for my project for a long time because not only is she my friend, she is also the person who cleans my house. I LOVE Karen. And yes, I know I’m spoiled. I figured she’d rather have her picture taken when she’s dressed up for an evening out rather than when she’s dressed for cleaning.

March 30 – If you read this blog post you’ll know that Wednesday was the day I headed to Wisconsin to await the arrival of our new little grandson. I took this picture as a “back-up” in case he didn’t arrive before the end of the day. (Good thing, since I needed it.) This little lake (which is actually a dammed up river) is right behind the hospital and accessed from the lobby by a little path. It’s quite a lovely area, really.

March 31 – At 10:10 on Thursday night I told Jane (mother to my daughter-in-law, Heidi) that we needed a picture of the two of us at the hospital as we headed into our second night of waiting for baby to arrive. It was another “back-up” picture even though we were still expecting a baby by midnight. Please note, if you are ever planning to “wait things out” in a hospital think about packing a toothbrush – at the very least. I don’t really think it’s fair that Jane, who had even less sleep than I did, looks way more rested.

April 1 – If you read my previous blog about Charlie’s birth, you’ve already seen this picture taken shortly after he was born at 4:29 Friday morning. But really, it’s worth another look I think. In fact, pretty much the rest of the week belongs to Charlie. I knew I’d have to go home eventually, so I dedicated the week to pictures of him. Besides, he is pretty cute, don’t you think?

April 2 – On Saturday, John was able to drive over to visit his newest grand baby. As you can see, he’s a proud Boppa!

April 3 – I decided on Sunday that it was Nana’s turn to be in the picture with Charlie.

BUT – I have to throw this “3 Generations” picture in as a bonus. It wasn’t part of my project, but it’s just too precious not to use.

April 4 – Charlie and I were hanging out on the couch together on Monday while his Mom and Dad slept a bit. Clearly he was NOT tired and who can resist those big blue eyes?

April 5 – During my first week of 365 pictures I posted one of this bear waiting for his buddy to arrive. Well, buddy is finally here but, on this particular day, wasn’t in the mood to play. Don’t worry Mr. Bear, he’ll come around. If John had his way, I’d never post a picture of a crying baby, but hey, they do that sometimes. In general, Charlie is a pretty easy going guy.

April 6 – On Wednesday, I knew my time with Charlie and his parents would soon be drawing to a close (for a while at least.) I was not going to leave without a foot picture and I stole the idea of adding mom and dad’s wedding rings from my friend, Renee Johannesen. It’s just a good thing their rings aren’t any heavier or poor Charlie’s toe might have been dragging the floor!

April 7 – When I came upstairs on Thursday morning I found Adam, Heidi and Charlie hanging out in the living room. Heidi didn’t really want to be a part of the whole photo shoot that day (poor girl had hardly slept in a week – I can’t blame her) but I loved the way Charlie was laying on Adam’s legs. They’ll have some fun family times, I’m sure. To say that this Nana was sad to leave that morning is an understatement. Were it not for that “middle of the night feeding business”, I might have tried to sneak him out of the house!

April 8 – Friday night we went to a wedding reception for our friend’s Jesicca and Matt. Matt is the son of one of my good friends, who also happens to be named Nancy. (How could we not be friends?) We had a great time celebrating a great couple.

One thing about doing this project is that it sure brings home the fact that time is flying by. As always, I encourage you to make some memories, take some pictures, and spend time with the ones you love.