Flash Mobs

This morning I saw this video on You Tube and subsequently shared it with my Facebook friends. I love it, and I’ll let you in on the same secret that I told my Facebook friends this morning; I would LOVE to be in a flash mob someday. I mean really, doesn’t it look like fun? I would, of course, need to be somewhere in the middle of the group so that people wouldn’t notice as much when I mess up, but still, what a blast!

I remember when I saw my first flash mob video of people singing at Central Station in Belgium. I was actually wishing I’d been there when it happened so I could have joined in. The funny thing is that when I first saw it, I actually thought random people had done just that! I thought they just joined in the dance and followed along with whatever the person in front of them was doing! Clearly, I was having a blond moment! How it happened that all those children came down the steps so spontaneously, never crossed my mind! I scare myself sometimes!

Even though I like the song better in the newer video, I think the Central Station one will always be my favorite. Perhaps because I think I could have joined in the fun! Let me know if you, too, want to be in a flash mob. You never know when I might decide to put a group together! It’ll be just like putting together a Cheerleader Routine back in high school. Oh wait, I never did that.

One comment on “Flash Mobs

  1. Marlana

    I love them too!!! Did you see the TV show special "Mobbed" with Howie Mandel on Fox? It was on at the end of March, I believe. They did just that — put on a flash mob for a proposal. You just have to look it up :) And if there's one in MN, you and I are SO THERE!!!

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