Catching Up

Well, clearly my mother and my friend, Leslie, have not been bugging me about my blog. There’s a lot going on (when isn’t there?) and I realized tonight that my most recent 365 project update was over a month ago. So, instead of putting all 30-some pictures up at once I’ll break them down by types. Tonight, surprise of surprises, I will focus on my two sweet grandchildren. I try to make them my picture of the day as often as I can without being totally annoying. This could get to be more of a challenge once they catch on to my craziness.

Easter Sunday – and little Amelia was over-the-top ADORABLE!

Amelia, again, (thank God they aren’t dressing Charlie like this) all dressed up for her daddy’s birthday. We got to babysit while they went out for an evening alone. Love the tutu!

Amelia’s first time with a sitter. I had my small group that night otherwise I’d have been there. As it so happens, my small group meets about a mile from Paul and Erin’s house so I was able to stop by for a picture before my meeting. Amelia is looking at her parents with an “I hope you aren’t planning to leave me with this person” kind of look. Emily took good care of her and she did fine.

28 hours with Charlie – certainly not enough time but I made a quick trip to Wisconsin because I simply could not go another day without seeing him. Oh what fun to kiss those sweet cheeks!

Don’t you think he looks like the Gerber baby; perhaps with an Elvis kind of smile?

Sadly, five pictures is all I have of my adorable grandchildren in the past 30 days. Wait, that’s not right. I have many more pictures than that. These are just the ones that made it into my 365 project. There will be more soon. If you want to view my entire 365 project, click here.

As always, keep making memories, taking pictures, and most importantly, spend time with the ones you love. If you don’t get them up on your blog – that o.k., I‘ll totally understand.