A Few of My Favorites

My mother called the other day and was wondering why there hadn’t been any blog updates. Short story; I’ve been busy. So finally, I’m sitting down to write a quick update.

Here’s the deal; I’m no longer going to be uploading my 365 Project photos to my blog. It bores me. And, if I’m bored, there’s a good bet that you, my five readers are also bored. Uploading pictures is time consuming and it’s not really why I started my blog. I hope you understand.

If you are interested in seeing my daily photos you can go to my 365 project site as often as you like. The web address is 365project.org/nana. Tip for my mom – mark it as a favorite and you can just click on the link each day.

But, I thought you might like to see some of the pictures that didn’t make it to my 365 project. I’ve taken over 60o pictures in the past month or so. I’ll try to narrow it down to 10 or less in this post. You’re welcome.

Amelia met Charlie when she was about three months old, but I don’t think she remembered. She seems to be wondering who this new kid is and if he could possibly steal a bit of Nana and Boppa’s attention. No worries, baby girl, we’ve got plenty of love for both of you. (And many more – just saying.)

My Mom and Dad came for a visit in June. We celebrated two birthdays, their 60th wedding anniversary, Father’s day and Amelia’s baby dedication. It was a wild, busy, fun weekend. If I look like I’m crying in this picture it’s because I was having trouble holding it together. The whole babies meeting their Great Grandparents thing had me a bit overwhelmed.

Two of my favorite guys.

Who could resist Charlie’s smile? Certainly not his Boppa nor his momma, though I believe John is the bigger sucker. (Don’t tell John that I posted a picture of his bald spot!)

Amelia is intent on grabbing the flowers for her baby dedication. She was moved to dad’s other arm right after this picture was taken and before she could grab them and start eating; and before dad went into fits of laughter. He’s famous for that.

The last weekend in June we went to a Swedish Festival with Erin and Amelia and bought Amelia her first doll – a Swedish doll. She loved it. She already has her Boppa wrapped around her baby finger. I could have told him I wanted to buy her a horse instead of a doll and he’d have said yes.

I have absolutely no idea who this little girl is but I think she is absolutely adorable. She was so proud of her doll with her same color eyes and same color hair. We met at Svenskarnas Dag – the Swedish Festival. I hear there is an Irish Festival later this summer. I suspect it’s not quite as tame.

Amelia and Erin spent the 4th of July with us. We had a blast and in the evening we took Amelia out for a swim in her little pool. Let’s see, a few gallons of water lovingly warmed by Boppa, changing a baby into a swimsuit, applying sunscreen, putting on the cool shades, all for 20 minutes in the pool – priceless! I titled this picture “Too Cool for the Pool.” Love those legs!

Speaking of the 4th of July. The neighbors seemed to have spent a bit on fireworks this year. We thank them (although I’m not sure Erin appreciated them while she was trying to get Amelia back to sleep.)

Earlier this week, I went to a friend’s cabin outside of Cumberland, Wisconsin. I love this photo of a water lily that my friend pulled out of the water while she was canoeing. Is that legal? If not, I know nothing, absolutely nothing!

O.K., I know I promised you only 10 photos but I just couldn’t leave this last one out. It was my first attempt at the moon on the lake. It’s not perfect, but was worth swatting the mosquitoes so that I could capture it.

As you can see, we’re pretty smitten with our grand babies. Who knew it would be so much fun? As always, make some memories, take a few photos (you don’t have to do 600) and enjoy the simple things in life. They are the best!