Ordering Well

John and I go to the same person (Annette at the Family Salon) for our haircuts.Well, he gets his haircut; I get haircuts, colors, pedicures and whatever else has to be done to keep me looking presentable. As I like to say, the maintenance just gets more and more expensive the older I get – kind of like a car.

Last night, John was in for a haircut and I was in this morning for “maintenance.”Annette told me that she asked John if I’d been busy baking in preparation for Christmas.I don’t bake.I used to, but when I discovered that most of the goodies I prepared went straight from the cooking rack into my mouth I decided that it was probably best I didn’t bake.I don’t mind eating other people’s goodies, mind you, and being as we have a fabulous bakery in town, I’m not afraid to call them either.

So, what did John say when asked if I’d been busy baking? He said, “No, Nancy’s more of a buyer than a baker.” Cracked me up! Though, as my friend Debbie says, “Knowing how to order well is important, too.”