Wedding Rings

Today I did a little survey on Facebook – just for fun. My question was this: If you are married (whether male or female) do you take your wedding ring off at night or wear it 24/7?

To be honest, I was surprised at the number of people who leave their ring on 24/7. Personally, I’m a taker offer. It’s not because I don’t love my husband, or don’t like my ring. I just don’t like having any jewelry on when I’m trying to sleep. Sometimes I even take my jewelry off for a 20 minute nap. Please don’t take this as an invitation to break into my house at night and steal my rings. We have an amazingly advanced security system. Our system is so advanced I can’t even begin to describe it.

As for my husband? I don’t believe his ring has been off his finger more than five times in the last 36 plus years of marriage, which makes me wonder why in the world I spent that money having it engraved? I mean, were mine engraved on the inside I’d take it off and read it during the tough times. In fact, I’d probably read it TO John! The reason it’s not engraved is not because John didn’t have anything to say it’s just that my ring was not “stable enough” to withstand engraving (which probably explains why it eventually split and had to be replaced.)

John’s ring is now permanently embossed to his finger. I wonder if the engraving is permanently etched into his skin as well? We’ll never know. It’s not going anywhere.

If you stopped by my blog today for great spiritual insight, I’m sorry – this isn’t it. But, I do have a word of advice regardless of how often you take your rings off. Take it to the jeweler regularly to have it cleaned and checked, especially if you have any kind of a stone in it. Those puppies can get loose and fall out. No one wants that to happen.

One more thing. Whether your ring is gold, titanium, silver, rhodium or even a tattoo; whether it has lots of sparkle, a little sparkle, or none at all; give it a gander every now and again, remember the excitement in your heart the day it first went on your finger, the commitment that it stands for and cherish the one who gave it to you.

2 comments on “Wedding Rings

  1. Jennifer Murphree

    Oh, I can certainly vouch for having your ring cleaned/inspected occasionally! One of the prongs on my ring got nicked, and one day after a 12 hour shift on the ambulance, poof! My 3/4 carate diamond was gone. Our supposed "full coverage jewelry policy" on our insurance wouldnt pay for it, and we're still fighting for it. It's been almost 2 years and I'm still just wearing a plain gold band! :(

  2. Jackie

    Unfortunately after three kids, my ring does not leave my finger. Luckily I am not allergic to platnum like I am to nickel.

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