Spreading Kindness

The other day I received a card in the mail. Not a Christmas card, not a Thanksgiving card, just a sweet note card. This is what it said, “Nancy, Just a little note to say hi, you’re loved, and I’m thankful for you in my life! You are such a blessing to me. Love, . . . . ” It MADE MY DAY!!!  I doubt it took my friend more than a few minutes to write this note but seriously, to me, it was like she’d sent me fifteen bouquets of roses – better, really!  It was mostly the fact that she thought about me, appreciated our friendship and took the time to say something. What a blessing!

Today I was reading a blog, written by some friends of mine, about Advent Acts of Kindness.  Basically, what they are promoting is spending the next few weeks and finding ways to bless others so that the whole Christmas season isn’t focused so much on what we are going to get and more on the kindness we can share with others.  I LOVE that idea!  And, having just been the recipient of that kind of kindness, I can tell you it’s BIG!

The Advent Acts of Kindness blog has several links to get you started thinking.  One of my favorite links went to “Lil Light O’ Mine” which listed 100 ways to “Light ‘Em Up” during the Christmas season. Be sure to check out both of these blogs for some great ideas.

The picture at the top of this blog is from a project I worked on last year at our church. We all got together one evening and packed up boxes to send to the military men and women serving overseas. It was a blast!

So, here’s my challenge to you. Do at least one Random Act of Kindness between now and Christmas. It could be a simple as writing a note, bringing cookies to a neighbor or picking up groceries for a friend who is stressed and overwhelmed. Once you’ve completed your Act of Kindness post a comment on this blog and let me know what you did. It’ll be fun to see what creative things people come up with.  I can’t wait to hear all about it. And I guarantee – you’ll be blessed!