Look Who’s Here!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog (and really, I’ve got a schedule now!) to introduce you to the newest addition in the Holte Family. Jane Elizabeth Holte was born Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 12:55 PM. Of course, most of my Facebook friends, my close friends who aren’t on Facebook, and my family are already aware of this but still, there could be one or two people left in the world who don’t know yet.  Right?

But, here’s what even some of my closest friends might not have realized. Jane, you may have noticed, was born on Ground Hog’s Day. I’m so glad she didn’t see her shadow and decide to go back in for six more weeks because seriously, she had already taken her own sweet time getting here in the first place. Anyway, it’s no big deal, of course, until you realize that her brother, Charlie, was born on April Fool’s Day. So we’re thinking that all future babies (assuming there are more but this is NOT the time to ask their mom) should be born on obscure holidays. Not the big ones; like Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving, but something smaller like Presidents’ Day or St. Patrick’s Day.

OR, I’m also thinking that it might work if the next baby came on the 3rd of some month being as child number one was born on the 1st and Child number two was born on the 2nd. Now, if we could just find an obscure holiday that fell on the 3rd, we’d have the next child’s birthdate pretty well wrapped up. Or not.

To be honest, besides letting you know that I’m crazy in love with our new granddaughter, I wanted to share just a few pictures. We think she’s beautiful.

Mom and Dad are over the moon in love!

As is Nana, even though Janey doesn’t look all that excited to meet me.

Oh sure, Boppa gets to meet her when she’s all sweet and sleepy!

Charlie loves his new sister – most of the time. Grandma Jane is pretty excited about the choice of names, of course.

And, lucky for me, Charlie still loves to snuggle! Next Monday I will return to my regularly scheduled blog – unless, of course, something crops up in the meantime.