DianeSWhile reading through the community newspaper this week I noticed a small article titled “Fun Run for AHA.” Well, right away I have a problem because I think the words “fun” and “run”, when placed together, are an oxymoron. There is nothing fun about running – nothing. I know, some people love it, but I can just barely handle walking.

I continued to read further into the article in an effort to find out whether AHA stood for the American Heart Association, the Arabian Horse Association or the American Herbivore Academy. There was the typical “Fun Run” kind of information like time, date, and location but then it got more interesting. The fee to enter the “Fun Run” (which is $10 less for kids – wait until you see why) is the same, the article stated, whether you run a 12K, 5K or ZerOK. ZerOK? What’s a ZerOK? I read on, because this looks promising.

Next I find out that for your “donation” which, by the way, goes to the American Heart Association, you get a t-shirt emblazoned with the words “We gonna run this town,” lunch and (I kid you not) two beer tickets! And now we know why kids are cheaper! Apparently beer is the new “red wine” in heart care.

O.K., back to the ZerOK issue. While the 5K and the 12K will be run on the Cannon Valley Trail near Welch, Minnesota, the ZerOK starts and finishes at the WELCH BAR! All you have to do to take part in the ZerOK is sit around at the bar and cheer on the runners! Man, if I drank this would be a PERFECT “Fun Run” for me to enter.

Of course, the idea of sitting on a bar stool while everyone else is out running seems to be the opposite of what the American Heart Association would encourage (despite the whole beer being good for your heart issue) but I suppose if it brings in money, who are they to argue? Presumably then, the people who might need the latest research from the AHA the soonest will be contributing to the cause.

I’m still trying to determine if the ZerOK stands for Zero Kilometers OR  for “Zer OK” which is what “Your O.K.” might sound like after a person has had one too many of those beers. Either way, brilliant marketing.

In a related story, my friends, Erik and Diane Skoog, ran 100 miles (each running 50) this past weekend (on the very same trail where the “Fun Run” is going to take place) to raise money and awareness for the Burmese refugees on the Thai- Burma border. Now that’s a reason to run! Diane is pictured in the top photo seemingly running right in front of a car, and with Erik in the bottom picture after finishing the run. By the way, the word “fun” was never associated with this run. Although, if anyone could make running fun, it would be Diane. If you’d like to read more about their venture or donate to the cause, please click here. I’m so proud of them!E&D

3 comments on “ZerOK

  1. Kandy Stevens

    Despite the fact that I have dabbled in running, my real inner thoughts are “I don’t run even if it is a good sale”, and “I like other types of exercise so much more.” After reading this, I guess, we should have added one more column to the Reed’s Run category . . . of course, we would have been giving out glasses of sweet tea. :)

  2. Brenda

    I’m with you, 100 %, on this! I’ll join you sitting on the stool, watching the ones run and the others drink the beer. You are hilarious!

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