When They All Come Home

Getting our whole family together can be a challenge. Jobs, school, kids, and daily life keep us all busy. But, when they all come home:

Baby J gets loved on . . . DSC_2068DSC_2169By pretty much everyone. DSC_2138 DSC_2238Auntie Lina (Aunt Angelina is a lot of syllables for a toddler) and Uncle Scott bring the “kid fun.” Angelina reads with the best of expressions and a multitude of voices. And together they make some pretty cool forts – just right for playing and hiding. (You can see said fort in the background of this picture.) DSC_2149Toddlers hug . . .
DSC_2186 and play . . . (“Can you please put some gas in for me?” “Sure.”)DSC_2202and make music. (You probably can’t tell, but what we have here are a drum and guitar – and vivid imaginations.) DSC_2244Occasionally they fight, too.

Boppa reads . . .DSC_2203and Daddies play with their daughters . . .DSC_2197DSC_2132Lady A works on her future babysitting skills (while her dad recovers from the morning’s activities.)DSC_2158Some pictures just don’t turn out quite the way you hoped they would . . . DSC_2223but still they are perfect.

Large quantities of food are consumed, laughter is shared, and when the weekend is over Nana and Boppa are sad . . . and need a very long nap. I wouldn’t change a thing!

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