Writing to Encourage: A Blog Hop

I sat down to write my blog today with absolutely no idea what I was going to write about. Conveniently, my friend Kendra Roehl, from The Ruth Experience, sent me a message telling me that she had “tagged” me on her blog to join a “blog hop” about the writing process. All I have to do is answer a few simple questions. (Ha!) So here goes:

Why do I write what I write?

Can I just say some of these questions are VERY hard to answer! My blog is a bit of a mish-mash of topics and ideas. Overall, I’d say that I write to encourage others. I hope that when readers stop by my blog they walk away thinking, “If she can do this crazy life, so can I.”

Sometimes when I write I am basically working out my thoughts through my fingers. Life can be overwhelming but when I take the time to try to put my feelings into words things just seem to get a little clearer.

In fact, as I wrote this I had about three more paragraphs of “working out my thoughts,” which I eliminated so that you could do something else today besides just read my blog. To summarize those deleted paragraphs: I write about the things I would share with my friends: a favorite recipe, a tip to make life easier, something God is teaching me, or some of my favorite pictures (possibly of my grandchildren.)

How does my writing process work?

My mind is a hard thing to shut up. It is on overdrive 90% of the time. When a “brilliant” idea flitters in, I try to write it down someplace for future reference. Sometimes my ideas materialize into a post and sometimes I look at them later and realize they weren’t quite as dazzling as I originally thought they were.

A few of my blog ideas come up when I’m doing devotions each morning. I’ll read a story, or a specific scripture in my Bible and say, “Wow, this is amazing, I should write about it.” I’m constantly blown away at how I can read the same passage of scripture over and over and suddenly see something I’ve never seen before. Then there are those times when I see a story in the Bible that just makes me giggle and of course, I have to share those stories because who doesn’t like to laugh?

Most of my blogs come straight out of my personal life – something I’ve read, or seen, or heard that I want to share with you, my reader friends.

What am I working on right now?

I’m assuming this question means, “What writing projects am I working on right now?” because I’m sure most people don’t really care that I’m doing the laundry and making dinner plans at the moment – multitasking at its finest.

I am continually working on articles for both my blog and Minnesota Bridging the Gap’s website. It is such an honor to work with the other great writers for that site. Be sure to check it out here.

There is also a book I’ve been working on for longer than I care to admit. One thing I’ve learned in the past five years is this: blogs are easier to write than books. Ha! But, it’s coming and hopefully will find its way into an editor’s hands early this fall.

What other writers would I like to introduce to you?

I read lots of great blogs but here are two of my favorites.

First up, my friend, Kandy Stevens. I met Kandy on an airplane when we were both headed to Florida for the same cruise. Our friendship was practically instant. Kandy and her family have had some of the worst of life impact their family, and though she goes through “quiet” seasons, she has never lost her joy. Her blog captures her life as a mom, a mentor, and an encourager. And this girl is funny! You simply must read her blog on folding fitted sheets – just don’t have any liquid in your mouth at the same time.

Becca Groves and I became friends through a mutual friend, Beth Hilden. (Beth writes a fun blog – just not very frequently – so I won’t torture her by “tagging” her to participate in this blog hop.) What I love about Becca is the way she simply LOVES life! She celebrates every thing and usually in a fun and creative way. Becca’s blog is usually short on words and long on some simply amazing pictures. You’ll love her. How could you not love a girl who gives her chickens names like Pot Pie, Tetrazzini and Noodle Soup so she won’t grow too attached? Her blog is aptly titled Joyfully Becca.

Okay, Kandy and Becca, *TAG,* you’re “IT!”