Charming Santa Fe

As I mentioned in my last post, organization is not my strong suit. An organized woman who is trying to consistently post a blog every Monday would have it all written before she left town for vacation. Of course, I didn’t do that. This leaves me with three choices:

  1. Don’t post a blog this week.
  2. Stay up way too late writing one on Sunday night. OR
  3. Quickly post a few pictures and hope you enjoy them.

You’ve probably figured out, I picked number three. We are in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a few days visiting friends from college and seeing the sights. I am constantly amazed at the variety of culture, landscape and weather across these United States. This is my first trip to New Mexico unless you count the time we drove through the desert and went to the Four Corners Monument sometime in the 1980’s. It didn’t look like much back then, but who could resist the ability to stand in four states all at the same time?

Okay, so that little stop was kind of a bust, but Santa Fe? Santa Fe is beautiful! Here are just a few pictures. I’ve got more, but you’ve got things to do, right?

This view of our friends’ neighborhood is a pretty common sight throughout the city of Santa Fe. All of the buildings are either Pueblo style, Territorial style, or one other I can’t remember the name of. I’d look it up but I’m on vacation, remember? The consistent style throughout the city does make it a little more challenging to find stores like Target or Wal-Mart because they all kind of look the same. On the other hand, it adds a certain charm to the city. The houses pictured here are Pueblo style.DSC_7183

Isn’t this a beautiful plant? It just started blooming this past couple of weeks and it threatened to kill me my first day here. I seem to be highly allergic to it. But a phone call to my favorite doctor friend and a quick trip to Wal-Mart has cut my Kleenex use by about 75% today. Phew!


My friend, Jeneane, tells me this plant is called Rose of Sharon. I think it looks like a purple hibiscus (though I’m not even sure there is such a thing) but she assures me that hibiscus don’t grow here.

DSC_7115The sky here is incredible! Jeneane says it’s because of the low moisture content (which of course, we never have in Minnesota) but to me the clouds are just amazing. The way the clouds hang on top of the mountain is breathtaking. And yes, this is the same general view seen in the picture that tops this post, but again, the clouds, I can’t get enough of them.

DSC_7073Those beautiful clouds also make for beautiful sunsets and I’m a sucker for sunsets. They come at a much more reasonable time of day than the sunrise. DSC_7176 - Version 2

I just can’t look at these pictures and not be overwhelmed by the creativity of the One who makes it all.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Psalm 19:1