Inspired, Encouraged, Challenged and Loved

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and most of us are in the midst of shopping and/or preparing food, getting clothes packed for a weekend trip to see family, or making plans with friends. And many of us are contemplating the multitude of blessings that God has granted us – a warm house to live in, food to eat, our family, our friends, and much more. Really, if we sat down to make a list of blessings we’d run out of paper or the energy needed to write them all out.

As it says in Psalm 92:1, “It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to the Most High.” In fact, thanking God is, or should be, a year round practice in our lives. I don’t think it’s possible to offer enough thanks to the One who gave up His life to purchase mine.

A few weeks ago, though, our pastor, Rob Ketterling, encouraged us to think about the people in our lives who have impacted us in a positive way. He even suggested we might want to send a note to one of them to say thank you.

Have you ever thought about the people who have made a difference in your life? Maybe during this Thanksgiving season, you could let them know how important they’ve been to you. Here are a few people that came to my mind.

First off, I need to thank my parents – for lots of things really, but specifically for putting up with me when I was in my 20’s and KNEW EVERYTHING! Thanks mom and dad!

Thanks to my friend, Debbie, who walked with me through some challenging times. It isn’t always easy to hang around through the hard times. Everyone needs a friend who will.

My friend, Diane, helped me put a voice to my dreams. You know the dreams you hold in your heart that you don’t dare utter out loud? She encouraged me to talk about them. And somehow once you talk about your dreams it puts some fire under them. Thank you, Diane.

Pat is a friend, and former pastor who helped me stretch beyond my comfort level to do things I didn’t feel qualified to do – like help organize sports camps for kids. Sports! Me! Thank you Pat, for believing in me and entering me into the “Pat Hall stretch and grow program.” Your current congregation is so blessed to have you leading them as I’m pretty sure your “stretch and grow” program is still functioning well.

The last several years I’ve had the privilege of working with, and serving on an advisory board for Carol. She leads the women’s ministry organization called Bridging the Gap magnificently. I like to think that some of her brilliance has rubbed off on me but more than anything Carol makes me feel loved – always. It just oozes out of her. How can you ever thank someone for a gift like that?

A huge thank you to my current pastor and wife, Rob and Becca, who have taught me to dream big dreams for God. It was Pastor Rob who encouraged me to take the somewhat fearful steps of going on my first mission trip. It was life changing to say the least! And really, I should include some thanks here to all of the pastors who have led the trips I’ve been on. To be honest, I’m kind of high maintenance but they put up with me anyway.

And then there are my friends, Nancy, Leslie, and Patti, who consistently pray for me and are fabulous fun to be with.

Being it’s Thanksgiving and all, I can’t neglect to thank my friend, Angie, who taught me how to make gravy. It may not be life-changing but it’s very, very close. I mean, we’re talking gravy here!

My biggest thank you goes out to my husband, John. He has put up with my quirks, ever-changing moods, and “bright ideas” for over forty years. He makes me laugh almost every single day and laughing is one of my most favorite things to do.

God has placed so many people in my life who have inspired, encouraged, challenged and loved me. The ones listed her are just a few of the many who came to mind. (In other words, if I didn’t mention you, please don’t be offended.)

How about you? Who has had a life-changing impact on your life? Maybe this would be a good time to thank them.

I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers.” Philemon 4

2 comments on “Inspired, Encouraged, Challenged and Loved

  1. Jeneane Herrera

    Mike & I are thankful for your friendship over the years since those college days of dreams yet to be fulfilled. Though 1000’s of miles lie between your house & ours, we were honored to have you visit us last summer, as you checked off that bucket list item–a visit to New Mexico! We enjoyed reliving old memories, catching up on the 40 years since, and making new memories as we toured our beloved “Land of Enchantment.” Since that rekindling of a long friendship, we have been grateful to keep in touch on FB. What a joy this technology can bring!

    1. Nancy Post author

      We had so much fun in your beautiful country last year, Jeneane! But mostly we had fun spending time with you guys! Let’s do it again! We are thankful for your friendship!

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