Christmas Doesn’t Matter Unless . .

A couple of years ago, shortly before Christmas, I was putting our then four-year-old granddaughter to bed and I asked her if she knew what Christmas was about. “Presents!” was, of course, the first word out of her mouth. She was four, after all. I told her about how Christmas was when Jesus was born, and then he lived on earth and later died for us. She said, “Yea, but that didn’t happen until Easter.” She was right, of course but then it hit me; without Easter there would be no reason to celebrate Christmas.

If Jesus hadn’t sacrificed himself for us, died, and then rose again would we really bother to celebrate his birth? Sure, he might get something akin to President’s day but we wouldn’t have all the hoopla that we have now. Jesus birth IS a big deal, BECAUSE of his death and resurrection.

Whenever I consider the incredible sacrifice of God, to give up his Son for my sins, it blows me away. But it’s more, really. I’m not just saved for eternity because of Christ’s great sacrifice I’m made clean in the eyes of God. When God looks at me, he doesn’t see a woman who’d made a boatload of mistakes, who has a bit of a temper, or someone who’s not quite enough. He sees me through the lens of Jesus’ blood, free and forgiven.

I forget that sometimes. I forget that God loves me so very much that he set me free from the guilt and shame of my sin. We recently sang a song at church that just pierced my soul with its truth.

Christ in me
My debt is paid
I’ve been set free
In Jesus’ name
The Name above all Names

I pray that as you celebrate Easter this year you really take hold of the freedom Christ offers you through his death and resurrection. It beats any Christmas gift you’ll ever get.

Have a blessed day!

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