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Overcoming Fear

“She’s fearless,” we hear someone say about another person, usually after she’s done something crazy like walk on a tight rope over Niagara Falls. And yes, there are a few people in history who have been seemingly fearless in their attempts to accomplish unbelievable feats. But, at some time or another most of us experience […]

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Grace for the Misfits

Today I’m excited to introduce you to my friend, Kristin Demery. Kristin and I work together on the website for a statewide women’s ministry, Bridging the Gap. She calls herself a grammar geek, and reads much deeper books than I would ever consider. She’s an amazing editor who teases me now and again about my love (and overuse) of […]

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A Piece of Me

Stolen heart

How do you explain it when someone you’ve only met once steals a tiny piece of your heart? When we were on our mission trip to Greece and Cyprus a few weeks ago, we spent one afternoon doing an educational program for kids in a refugee camp. The powers that be (those who had jurisdiction […]

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44 Minutes

John and I spent Labor Day weekend “up north” at a friend’s cabin. It sits on one of Minnesota’s beautiful lakes and is out in the middle of nowhere. While I wouldn’t really enjoy living in such an isolated area, the relaxation I feel in the middle of such beauty is hard to beat. One […]

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