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This is the New That

This is the new that

“50 is the new 40”, “Blush is the new neutral.” “This is the new that” is very trendy. We do our best to make people feel younger and in style. But the “this is the new that” trend has taken a nasty turn. I heard it the other day – “Sitting is the new smoking!” […]

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I’m in Love

It’s totally possible that I am in love with a man that I’ve never met. Don’t panic, I’m not going to leave my husband, but seriously, this guy, Dr. Weil is his name, has designed a tennis show that actually fits my foot! I could tell you all about my foot issues and my search […]

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I Remembered


I have absolutely no idea how it happened. I was sitting in the Nordstorm shoe department this afternoon and I suddenly remembered the name of the book I read this year. Not the only book, of course, but if you read my previous post, this will make more sense. Seriously though, why is it when […]

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