Seeking God

seeking God

Today was a great day! During our worship service at River Valley, Pastor Rob preached on letting God interrupt our lives. Wow! While it seems like it should be easy to let God interrupt us and do whatever He’d like in our lives, it doesn’t always work out that way. “Excuse me, God, but don’t you see my five year plan here? That mission trip you’re suggesting I take to Africa was on my planner for well, never, and you want me to take it now?” Hmmm…it was about a year ago that God interrupted my life and told me to go to Africa on a short term mission trip. Was I afraid? More than even I realized (until I ended up in a puddle of tears at the end of the trip). But, I’m so glad I went! What a great interruption.

This afternoon we had the opportunity to have lunch with Ben and Susan Rodgers, their family, and some others from our Africa team. What a great time. Ben and Susan are one of the couples from Children’s Cup that we worked with while we were in Africa last March. Actually, Susan was gone for a good portion of the time we were there, but we were able to meet her briefly at the end of our trip, and I’ve gotten to know her more through her blog. She is an extraordinary woman and I was so blessed to spend time with her today. Susan is incredibly real and shares her thoughts in a very refreshing way. I just love her!

But, Ben said something today that prompted the title of this blog, as I thought it was most profound. He said, “What I’ve found is that people spend a lot of time trying to seek God’s will for their lives. What they should be seeking is God himself. As we get to know God more, His will becomes perfectly clear.” I believe the more we find ourselves in His will, the more we’ll desire to seek Him, and thus a fabulous circle of knowing God and doing His will begins.

Totally unrelated to Ben’s profound thought, but still one of my favorite parts of today, was having Ben and Susan’s four year old daughter lay her head down in my lap and fall asleep at the end of lunch. It has been years since that has happened to me and it was all I could do not to snatch her away from her parents and bring her home. So, so sweet!

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  1. Susan Rodgers

    Hi Nancy! It was great being with you at lunch. In just talking with you it is obvious that you love the Lord, and you love people. You ooze Jesus–a great ministry to have: Jesus Oozing!

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