A Little Word about Triple Chocolate Cake

In my last post I mentioned, and gave the recipe for, my Triple Chocolate Cake. I can’t really call it “my” recipe, as I got it from my friend, Diane. She told me this weekend that she got it from her friend, Molly. So, I don’t know the actual origin of the Triple Chocolate Cake, but still, you can be sure an original recipe will never come from me. I’m just not that gifted in the kitchen.

Anyway, I made a mistake in my original typing of the recipe, leaving out the flour, which happens to be a key ingredient in most cakes. This is not intended to be a flourless cake. Thanks to my friend, Karla, for discreetly pointing that out to me. It has been fixed in my original post. I apologize if you already tried to make it without the flour.

Also, as I mentioned previously, the recipe calls for chocolate frosting as the third part of the “Triple Chocolate.” I made mine using Betty Crocker’s 7-minute frosting. Though it tasted fine, I wouldn’t say it was great, and seriously, when you are eating cake, why waste your calories on “fine.” In other words, stick with the chocolate frosting.

The great thing about cake is that regardless of how bad it is, unless you substitute salt for the sugar, it’s almost always eaten.