The Organized Person Inside of Me

I have always felt that there is a very organized person inside of me just dying to get out. When I have the time I love to set up multi-colored file folders in which to store all of my important papers. Nothing like having a place for everything; and it’s a double blessing if everything is actually in its place. I also love to make a plan. The very act of sitting down to either type or write out a plan for an upcoming event just makes me feel all warm and cuddly and like I can actually accomplish whatever the goal may be. Oh, and should I be standing in line at the grocery store, only to spot a magazine on organization, you can be sure it’s going home with me.

The breakdown occurs, it seems, when I forget to read the magazine, or lose the plan, or am just too busy to put away the papers. Recently, I read that clutter causes stress so that if we’re feeling stressed we should clean up our clutter. Honestly, who writes this stuff? I’ll tell you who, the organizers. If I had time to clean up my clutter in the first place, I wouldn’t be stressed! Work with me people!

Imagine my surprise the other day, when I stumbled upon a bit of an organizational plan for Thanksgiving – that I’d created! Awesome, I thought to myself. Not only is there a Thanksgiving menu on my computer, but there is actually a plan for each little job and when it should be done. This is great! I was even more surprised when I opened the menu and found a chart complete with each menu item accompanied by a list of groceries necessary to make that particular selection. Indeed, I was quite organizationally inspired when I created this masterpiece. Too bad I haven’t thought to open it ONCE since 2003 when I created it.

There were also a few glitches in my plan. You see, in 2003, we celebrated Thanksgiving with John’s sister. So, next to a number of the items, I simply typed in “Peggy” indicating that Peggy would bring that dish. Peggy was assigned pies and cranberries (chosen because I’m not good at making either one and Peggy makes the best pumpkin pies east of the Mississippi.) This glitch is easily solved with a quick trip to the bakery and the can of cranberries hiding in my cupboard.

So you see, there is indeed an organized person inside of me trying to get out. Apparently, I opened her cage briefly six years ago and now I welcome her back. Oh, how I’ve missed her. On the bright side, I’m pretty much on track according to my “things to do schedule.” I love it when a plan comes together!

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  1. Jackie

    Oh my goodness!! That was so funny; probably because I can so totally relate. My house is very cluttered but I have many of those great schedules and organizational plans. Maybe the organized person trapped inside is with the thin person trapped inside me!! If only I could find and release them both everyday!

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