Fall Family Fun

My friend, Becca Groves, has a great blog.  It’s one of my favorites because (and I know this sounds shallow) it’s usually long on pictures and short on words.  Don’t get me wrong; sometimes she tells long stories and they are awesome, but usually, it’s just filled with fun pictures.  I love watching her little family grow and she is seriously funny, too.  So, I decided that tonight it’s time for a little “Becca Groves style” blog.

A little over a week ago we had both grandchildren around so we took a fun morning adventure to the Afton Apple Orchard.  I hope it will become a yearly tradition because there is so much to do there that it’s fun for kids of all ages.

We started off with a tractor ride into the orchard.  This is Amelia’s fun face.  What?  Can’t you tell?  As for Charlie, well, he’s o.k. since he has a stick in his hands and he’s on his momma’s lap, but wow, that tractor is LOUD!

Time to pick some apples.  Charlie is concentrating very hard at getting one off the tree.

He pulled so hard that somehow the tree branch got loose and hit momma in the face!  Oops!

Walking through the apple orchard with his momma.  He still has his stick.  It’s his favorite toy.

And then, there’s Miss Independent.  She is navigating her way through the fallen apples.

Amelia finds some apples she wants to pick; two at a time.  Let’s fill that bag up!  I’m not showing you the part where she heaves them at her dad immediately after picking them.

After the picking is done there was a fun petting zoo area to visit.

Too close, too close!

Rocking her sunglasses and riding the dinosaur.  How much more fun could a toddler have?

The cutest, sweetest picks at the orchard!

Not only did we have a fun family outing, but the apple crisp that showed up later that night was AMAZING!