Every. Single. Day.

Generally, I try to get a blog out every week so that it’s ready for your eyes on Monday morning. But today is Thursday, what’s up with the middle of the week blog, you ask? Well, I just couldn’t skip telling this story. Consider it a “bonus blog.”

At the beginning of January I posted a blog titled Watch and Be Amazed about how I was going to watch for the many ways God shows up in my life Every. Single. Day. And while this story may not seem all that “spiritual” to you, it was huge to me.

Last Wednesday we were not having a good day around here. My husband had been told he most probably has early Parkinson’s and we were awaiting further tests to verify that diagnosis (which has since happened.) And even though we were excited that our kids/grandkids would be here for the holiday weekend, we just struggling a bit. Another huge diagnosis is a lot to take in right on the heels of cancer treatment. So, let’s just say we were a little “on edge.”

That evening a private message showed up on my Facebook page saying, “Hey Nancy, I stopped by your house today. Would you check your mailbox before the mail comes tomorrow. Thank you!” (Shhh . . . don’t tell the post office. They seem to think they own my mailbox even though I paid for it, and it’s on my property. It’s very sacred.) Well, of course I went right to the mailbox and look what I found! 


My friend, Connie, who had NO idea what was happening in our lives at the moment, had read my blog about Fireworks Gone Wild and found out about my love of sparklers. She simply wanted to make sure I had some of my very own for this year’s Independence Day Celebration. How fun is that?

Though Connie was unaware of our current situation, God was not. He knew even before I wrote my blog that week that Wednesday would be a little tough. I know he used Connie to simply bring a smile to my face that day (and possibly a few tears.) It was His little reminder to have fun despite the circumstances and a HUGE reminder that He loves me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

God doesn’t forget us in our troubles. He is faithful to remind us of His love and care for us. And sometimes, he even uses our friends to make that happen! Can’t beat that!

Psalm 33:18 But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love,”

Today I am linking up to another blog by an encouraging woman of faith, Holley Gerth.

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